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Each of the pages in my website under the "Articles" folder is generated from a text file in a source directory structure which mirrors the structure in the website itself. After editing the article source text files I run a Ruby script which converts the source text files into a corresponding directory structure of HTML files. This directory structure is generated into a local copy of the website on my computer.

The source directory structure includes various kinds of files.

The article files are text files with a filename ending in ".txt". They are converted to a HTML page matching the filename.

The resources top-level directory contains images and CSS files used by the templates.

The templates top-level directory contains tempate files for parts of the generated web pages.

A parameter file is a file with the special name of "parameters.txt". It has settings for parameters which control how pages look. The settings in a parameter file are applied to articles in that directory and below (unless overriden by a lower-level parameter file.)

The top-level "structure.txt" defines the tag structure for the website which is reflected in the index pages. A "*" against a tag name means articles tagged with that tag name do not automatically appear under higher level tags.