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Tuesday, 12th December 2017
Recently I've been scanning some of the thousands of slides I have so I can free up space. I do have a slide projector but haven't used it in over a decade - we don't even have a wall to projects slides onto. The slides themselves take up space.

The scanning (using a CanoScan 9000F) has gone surprisingly well. The images are not as high resolution as a modern digital camera, one needs to clean the slides carefully before scanning, but the results are very acceptable for my needs. There's just one problem - the metadata in the images says the images date from when I scanned them, which leads to them getting filed under 2017 inside Photo when they should be filed under 1987.

So I been patching the dates on the scanned images using a very versatile utility called ExifTool. There's other software out there which no doubt would do a similar job but ExifTool has worked well for me.

Late in the day I discovered that Apple's Photo does let you edit the dates on the pictures so I don't need to patch the dates this way. Patching them inside Photo is even better as the photos will be sorted in scan order which is what I want.