Responsive layout

Pure CSS is used to vary the look of the generated webpages according to the screen acreage available. What is varied is the size of text and certain divs, the size of images used, and the logo used at the top of the webpage.

As of the time of writing the sizes used are:

Screen width Font size Icon dimension Image dimension
360 14px 96x72 360x270
768 18px 96x72 758x561
1280 18px 128x96 758x561
1920 22px 128x96 1024x768

I could have tried using something like Bootstrap to make the website responsive. I didn't want that much cleverness. My website is aimed to be low maintenance and simple. I prefer using as little technology as possible, using as few features to accomplish goals. The more features the more complicated a program is to maintain and understand, and the more vulnerable one is to changes.