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Wednesday, 13th September 2017
If you've got anything on a computer it needs to be backed up. There's a lot of accidents waiting to happen from disk problems (and SSD disks can lose data worse than hard drives) through human error to viruses and even theft. There's a lot of options and for the record I'm going to list what I do.

Everynight I use Apple's Time Machine to backup the files on the iMac to an external hard drive. Time Machine keeps old versions of files which has been very useful in the past. It's not necessarily perfect - I have seen it confused by files changing path not timestamp. I also currently use Time Machine to backup to external hard drives I keep offsite.

I've started using Carbon Copy Cloner to maintain a bootable backup. I went for Carbon Copy Cloner because I've used it in the past. I've no reason to think other products like Super Duper would not serve as well for my needs.

I'm going to regularly make encrypted DMG images of areas of the file system and upload them periodically using Cyberduck to Amazon S3. I did investigate using products like ARQBackup and Chronosync to backup my filesystem to the cloud. I also tried using Google Drive as a way of maintaining cloud backups of files. These look like good products but both the speed of my Internet connection, and the numbers of small files involved meant it was infeasible to sync the file system as-is to the cloud.

Photographs and other Apple documents are synched to the cloud using Apple's iCloud storage.