Monday, 3rd June 2002

Road TrainRoad TrainRoad Train

The Top End is the top end of the Northern Territory in Australia. I landed at Darwin its capital city where I had been recommended to try mud crab. I did try to try mud crab but either it was Sunday and the restaurant was closed or the pier was closed by the police or ... My sole Darwin activity (apart from buying tinned possum and the like as presents) was to see "Spiderman" at a local cinema. Oddly the refreshments counter sold the tickets which caused queueing problems.

But Darwin was just a stopping over point to get to Kakadu and Arnhemland. Kakadu is a large Australian national park which changes its character as the year turns. The wet season sees the plains flooded and in the dry season the waters then recede. Man regularly burns the forests then nature in a matter of weeks restores them.

Termite MoundTermite MoundTermite Mound

It is a vast area with much wildlife to see from termite mounds to monitor lizards crossing the road. Bushes will explode as you go on a walk and kangaroos will hop at the speed of light away. Why do animals have to move so fast! It makes it so hard to photograph them!

Some termites build their mounds on the ground. Others (arboreal termites) build their 'mounds' in the trees. A termite mound was a good way to get rid of a dead body once.

Important Aboriginal sites here including Nourlangie, and Ubirr.