Didn't you go to Australia last year? Yes I did. Why not go somewhere different? Perhaps I am not very imaginative. Perhaps I am a little boring. Perhaps the Australians do speak English reasonably well. Perhaps they are friendly. Perhaps I had friends there I wanted to see. But I went to Australia again for what it represents to me.

Australia to me is variety. And variety I value highly! Be it in operating systems or style of worship or life in general. I like driving along dirt roads into the heart of primeval forests to fall asleep listening to hundreds of nocturnal animals. I like wandering through the bush finding flowers flourishing in hundreds of different colours. I like seeing in a red spotlight some of the hundred shapes of animals that the world was stocked with.

I booked the flights through Travel Bag but the rest I mostly booked myself from research over the Internet. Travel agents haven't been that much help to me but may help you. I was trying to see a lot of places in a short time but not as a part of a tour group. However I would say an organised tour is good for seeing lots of places - and avoiding personally doing the organising or coping with the troubles which will happen. I'd also add that I spent a lot of time on the road rather than sight-seeing or just being on holiday. More sensible to be based in a few areas and explore them thoroughly. So don't do what I did.