Tuesday, 7th October 2003


The Pinnacles are an extraordinary area in the Nambung National Park. You may have seen some of the sand gardens with rocks that the Japanese go in for. Envision a giant's sand garden streaming out to the horizons. Let time upon time wither the rocks with decay. Allow a fierce sun to render each rock as an ancient sundial. And observe the shadows are long indeed.

A track lined with stones is provided so you can wind your way round here in your car. Others before me had discovered this place including what seemed to be an Oriental wedding party seeking a background for pictures. I remembered my visit to the Great Wall at Badaling and seeing the Chinese visiting it just so they could have their pictures taken there. Rather like having a list of places one should visit and making sure they're provably ticked off. But then again I easily get into a mode of trying to take photographs of different birds animals places. And in so doing forget to just be there and look at them see them perceive them.


I stayed at the Best Western Motel in Cervantes. To my surprise the place had an upmarket restaurant and I let myself go with a three course meal and a glass of wine. It was there I first saw the bread toaster which resembles a computer printer. You feed in the bread at the top and it gets printed with heat. I prefer brown bread by the way.

Lake Thetis wasn't so interesting on first (and probably last) acquaintance. It claimed to have stromatolites but perhaps they were on holiday. I wanted to be on my way down to Dryandra for the next holiday stop so I didn't hang around.