Thursday, 9th October 2003

Tree Top WalkTree Top WalkTree Top Walk

Drove from Dryandra down to the Walpole area on the south coast of Australia. At the lookout at Conspicuous Cliffs I gazed south towards Antartica and shivered. Perhaps one of these days I'll venture into the Antartica Circle.

The Valley of the Giants has large Tingle trees similar (sort of) to the giant redwoods in the States. They have an interesting Tree Top Walk on steel walkways perched on metal pillars which are forty metres above the forest floor. It is even more interesting as you're walking along and you realise the steel walkways are swaying. Popular of course but worth seeing.

Tingle BaseTingle BaseTingle Base

I stayed at the Wellington House Bed and Breakfast which has a very beautiful setting, a front garden sloping down to a wooded secluded pool. A nice place to stay in - I was able to give some computer advice here. Admired the blue wrens visible but didn't manage to take a decent picture of them - I do prefer my photographic subjects to not be moving.

On the 10th before I drove back to Fremantle I went on the WOW Wilderness Cruise in the Walpole-Nornalup inlet. The guy doing the talking had a great line in patter and had many amusing tales to tell about the area. Stayed another night with Rosemary and Gordon before the flight to Darwin the following day. They took me up to the Anzac memorial in Fremantle - from high up cities can seem peaceful and harmonious and even pretty.