Friday, 11th November 2011

We took Friday 11th off work so we could go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular at the Thursford Collection in deepest rural Norfolk. Took longer than I expected to get there - over one and a half hours. We tried out Virginia's Satnav in anger, though we didn't take its advice to start with. The Satnav in its female voice kept telling us to turn round as soon as possible. As we neared the destination we decided to be friendly and follow its directives. I got a little dubious as we started driving along one track lanes and through farmyards - and when it told us we had arrived there was no sign of our destination! Happily we were only a few yards away from being able to see where we hoped to be.

The Thursford Collection (a collection of fairground organs and roundabouts and steam engines) was heaving with multiple coach parties. The toilets were oversubscribed, and we had to sit on one of the roundabouts to have a bite for lunch. Still we were in time for the Christmas Show itself which was very impressive! An anachronistic spectacular of dance, unalternative comedian (so funny without being obscene,) Christmas carols, illusionist, and song and dance numbers. Worth going to. On the way out we tried the Winter Wonderland exhibit which wasn't quite worth the £4 a head entrance fee, but was appealing to one's inner child.

We will be booking up to see the show in 2012!

A long drive back, the coaches helped to block the surrounding roads a little but we got back in one piece.