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Friday, 2nd December 2016
Time for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular again! This year we almost didn't make it as we both fell ill with streaming noses and coughs and colds. But such is our dedication to starting the Christmas season properly we forced ourselves to go. Virginia drove (which I find stressful as she drives rather differently to the way I do) and for once the Satnav didn't play us foul, and we reached Thursford in an hour and a three quarters.

We ate at the cafe in Thursford Fantasy Land for a change. Pretty much the same unmagical food as the other venues, the soup had to be microwaved as it wasn't even lukewarm. In this venue they give you a table number and bring the food to you. Santa's Magical Journey looked pretty much like it did last year, in fact Thursford as a whole did though there is a new toy shop there.
We killed the time before 2pm by squeezing through the bustle in the shops (the coaches had arrived and unloaded by this point), sat on the carousel for a drink, then took our seats. We like to sit at the back where you're not trapped in. The extra seating they put in for the show is a bit cramped and awkward where people come late and have to apologise their way to their seats.

The show was a feast for the eyes as much as the ears, a lot going on on the stage. The variety turn was a couple of Japanese adept at balancing and spinning various things. The comedian was pretty clean - a pleasant change from the obscenity equals humour of modern days. I enjoyed the first half - just more variety. The doves continued to fly at the end of the performance. It was the 40th so looking back.
After the show we were fortunate to meet up with my cousin Pat and her husband Richard in the marquee for a bite to eat before we left. We had thought they weren't going to be able to make this year when we were there.

A dirty drive home with the windscreen dirtied by spray. I was glad to be able mostly to sit on other people's tails and follow their red lights home.