Wednesday, 8th January 2020
IMG 0789 IMG 0789

After the Tempura lunch I had too much time to kill before seeing the Drum Tao Mangekyo show at the Alternative Theatre. My feet were complaining too. My planning could have been better. I wasted a minute or minute seeing a Godzilla statue in the Yurakucho area, I also had a hot chocolate at a coffee shop to be able to sit down, and waste a minute or two. I patronised the facilities in the coffee shop but one of the functions in the smart toilet decided to fire up at the wrong moment. The restroom door got sprinkled.

There weren't enough in the audience for what was a a great show with performers giving it 110%. It was Japanese drumming (traditional flute and plucked instruments also used) but with modern theatrics and staging and athleticism. Mainly male performers but also three women laying into a range of drums. During the show I made use of a power-pack to recharge my phone, worth taking it on this trip.

Drum Tao Drum Tao

We were allowed to take pictures during an encore which was kind. To show my appreciation of such a bravura event I purchased a DVD souvenir. The show was powerful sorry they didn't have more people to see it.

On way back from Yurakucho I sat but no-one was willing to sit next to me - until a girl did at the last but one station. Trains very crowded all the time.