Wednesday, 8th January 2020
IMG 0806 IMG 0806

It was hard finding the right entrance to Shinjuku Station (Shinjuku Station is like a multiple train station wreck) but then found my way to the Kawaii Monster Cafe in time thanks to Google Maps.

I could hear the sound inside from miles away, it was difficult talking to the waitresses inside. A very outre place, the decor is Alice in Wonderland with a twisted side to it. It may have been a mistake to book through Voyagin, I ended up food-wise with a combo for 2 people and too much meat! I also stupidly tried a dessert claiming to be poison cake which was a waste of money. But the food is not the reason one comes here.

IMG 0834 IMG 0834

There's a number of areas (including the toilets) each with their own distinctive absurd almost nightmare style. When I went I was able to photograph everywhere, the place wasn't packed. There were locals here as well as foreign tourists like me, some seemed to be female otakus who chatted to the 'performers' for want of a better word.

Ah yes the floor show which was at the giant psychedelic mushroom. More posing and wriggling than anything else by the oddly clad 'performers'. But another unique experience added to the list.