レンタネコ (Rent-A-Cat)




Naoko Ogigami




Mikako Ichikawa, Reiko Kusamura, Ken Mitsuishi


Colour 110 mins

A series of episodes about a lonely woman Sayoko who attracts cats. She runs a service renting out these cats to fill holes in the lives of lonely people. But is unable to fill the hole in her own life.

The cats are big stars of this film, very cute and cuddle yet mysterious and magical. And there's plenty of them. Sayoko herself is a bit on the eccentric side, the whole film while quiet and comfortable has many weird touches to enchant the eye and mind. Sayoko lives by herself, just with a shrine to her late grandmother who started her down the path of being a cat woman. Each day she loads up a trolley with adorable felines, and wheels it along a path calling out "Rent a cat" through a loud-hailer.

The episodes in a way are the same episode with variations in the cat being rented, who it's being rented to, and how Sayoko earns a living. The viewer has to decide how to understand this film, what is or isn't fantasy.

But perhaps such films are not meant to be understood, but enjoyed on a deeper level. Like the pleasure of having a cat sitting on your lap!