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Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge







Yosuke Asari, Terutaka Hasegawa, Hayato Ichihara


Colour 109 mins

This might seem to be another Japanese exploitation flick. Japanese schoolgirl battles monster from the moon who wields a chainsaw. These elements are definitely in the film. And artistically so. But are not what the film (and I assume the source manga) are about.

The theme of the film is how to deal with feelings of loss, lack of self-worth, lack of significance. A shiftless student Yosuke is trying to recover from the death of a friend Noto. Yosuke steals meat more to do something than because he has to steal it. One night slacker Yosuke comes across Eri who spends her evenings trying to kill a chainsaw wielding monster who falls from the moon. He becomes Eri's helper in her odd quest.

Both Yosuke and Eri externalise their problems - is that running away from or part of dealing with it? Both Yosuke and Eri find a kind of answer in each other, Yosuke finds a purpose in helping Eri, Eri finds strength from Yosuke.

The key figure in the film is in a way Noto even though he's dead before the film begins. Noto lived his life to extremes, followed Achilles in a short life but a glorious one. Yosuke tries to emulate to outdo Noto but in the end only achieves moderate happiness. But perhaps moderate happiness is not that bad.