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Peking Opera Blues
Film 刀馬旦 (Peking Opera Blues)
Country Hong Kong
Director Tsui Hark
Year 1986
Cast Brigitte Lin, Sally Yeh, Cherie Chung
Details Colour 102 minutes
Plot: China after the fall of the Qing dynasty is subject to bickering warlords. The lives of a gold-digging musician (Cherie Chung), the patriot daughter (Brigitte Lin) of a mercenary general, and a girl (Sally Yeh) wanting to break into the male ranks of Peking Opera performers intertwine.

The Chinese title (Dao Ma Dan) comes from Peking Opera as does the spirit of the film itself. Three wonderful female leads. Very funny at times gallows humour. Roller-coaster direction which ranges from slapstick farce to pure poetry in motion. A message of the future belongs to the young.