Paul McGuigan




Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans


Colour 111 mins

"Push" is a film I started off watching not with high hopes. Another entry in these people have special powers department. Mysterious secret government departments. Run of the mill stuff. Or so I thought. But I was wrong.

"Push" is set in Hong Kong and uses that setting superlatively well. The city is a major character in the film, the range of settings adds depth to the final impact of the film. Big cities are worlds in themselves and that is very true of Hong Kong.

The film is intelligently written, and pieces which seem not to fit fall into place by the end. Some of the special powers involve being able to twist what people think so at points in the film you don't know what is true what is untrue. It's only by the final scene, or even on reviewing, that it all makes sense.

The special powers themselves are nicely balanced, and not completely run of the mill. Dakota Fanning has a strong role as a young girl who can see into the future, albeit through a glass darkly. Her predictions, and how they will come to pass, and what they really mean, all add layers of richness to this different film. A shame the hinted at sequel was never made.