Fantasian (Mistwalker Corporation 2021) is a Japanese turn-based RPG set among the multiverses under threat from a rogue god. You start as Leo, an amnesiac hero, but gather a roster of characters three of whom can be active in the many battles you will fight. During battles you will be able (and need) to switch characters. The game is friendly to control, for instance though there are random enemy encounters typical of JPRGs you can batch up dealing with these random enemies using the dimengeon you will acquire.

The scenes in Fantasian are 3D modelled from hand-crafted dioramas giving the game a distinctive look. Your odyssey will take you from volcanic caves to frozen tundras to sylvan forests to machine cities, each with their own musical background. I particularly liked the machine city.

The boss battles can be very hard, seemingly impossible. During gameplay you will acquire a lot of different rings and choosing which ring to wear for each battle is indispensable. Levelling up I found necessary to win through, the recommended levels for key areas were underestimates I felt. Unlike some RPGS there were not different difficulty settings.

In the second half of the game you can customise your party using the growth tree. In practise towards the end of the game the characters have all grown pretty much as far as they can. You can also enhance your armour and weapons, I was a little random here in what I upgraded.

The battles can last a long time. In particular the final battle and the credits and the post finale gameplay lasted at least an hour for me. I didn't complete all the gameplay, you can travel to Yim's Void but having spent over 200 hours playing Fantasian I felt the need to move onto other games on my backlist.