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Atlantis 3: The New World
"Atlantis 3: The New World" (2001) is the third game in the Atlantis series from the now defunct French game developer Cryo. The story is again written by Jehan K. Robson so (for me) is imaginative and outside the box.

There's these interstellar dolphins with a mysterious gift for humankind which will take us to the next level of evolution. Three dream-like game chapters set in the paleolithic, Egyptian, and Arabian nights enable your character of a French archaeologist to reach Shambala and the promised gift. The framing story is set at an ancient Egyptian site in the Hoggar desert where you must outwit the baddie who has found the crystal skull.

The writing and scenes are often beautiful and transcendental. Particularly memorable is when you find yourself inside the skull, and frustrated trying to navigate around inside it. Some of the gameplay is quite fair and acceptable, but some of the puzzles need a walkthrough to get through.

There aren't timed puzzles as such, while you can get killed by a tiger for instance the game restores you to before the sad event. I loved the story, many scenes were mind-wondering, but I wished some of the puzzles weren't so off the wall.