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Atlantis 4: Evolution
"Atlantis 4: Evolution" (2004) is the fourth game in the Atlantis series originally from the French game developer Cryo. An American off a sinking tramp steamer gets sucked through a whirlpool into a world inside the Earth. Here survivors of the old Atlantis are ruled by cruel Gods. You must ascend to their new Olympus and topple them.

The images are striking and beautiful, and the story does transport you from mundane old Earth into realms and time of wonder - you travel back in time to Old Atlantis on your quest. You meet plenty of characters including the subservient Atlanteans who address you as Cosmo, God of Death, and say they're waiting to be obliterated.

The version I played (from Anuman) has been dumbed down. I welcomed the absence of the arcade sequences from the original, but the puzzles were not taxing. Still it was fun to play.