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Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy
"Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy" (2004) is the third game in the Egypt series from the French game developer Cryo. You play a young magician Maya charged with making sure an obelisk is erected for Amun-Re, so that Amun-Re will give Pharaoh Ramses some more years of life. But you are opposed by mysterious forces.

Maya goes on an incredible journey through Egyptian mythology, as well as temples and quarries. She will visit Ptah in the underworld as well as Osiris in the Book of the Dead. This is what I like a game to do, to transport from the mundane to realms of wonder. The gameplay may be linear but it didn't feel constrained. There are timed sequences but in the iPad version you get second chances.

The puzzles are mostly inventory based - the final puzzle from the original game has been omitted, as far as I remember it was almost a board game with snakes. You meet plenty of characters including the Gods of Ancient Egypt. Sometimes the dialogue doesn't reflect what you've done.

Very pleasant play!