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a Grain of Truth
a Grain of Truth (Poland 2012) is a beautiful game by Marek and Marcin Rudowski. The refreshingly different storyline has Myosotis travelling her world, trading stories. She hopes one day to find her own story which has been mysteriously taken from her. You play Myosotis as she goes in quest of a wiseman who lives among the floating rocks who's bound to know everything. Myosotis's world of strange creatures and mystical trees has been fleshed out previously adding depth to "a Grain of Truth".

The 2d third-person perspective game has been implemented in HTML5 and worked fine in my Safari browser. An impressive demonstration of what can be done in a browser based game. It is also free so one can overlook the odd English, or the occasional references to one playing a game.

The drawings are lovely and special. Particularly striking was the crew harvesting clouds on a Cloud Eater to produce sleep friendly pillows. The puzzles are standard Adventure game puzzles, but despite being a free browser game there is a map for quick navigation and a mix of inventory / dialogue / minigames.

I just wished the game was longer - there was a previous game "Bell's Heart", the ending hints there could be more.