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Debugging points in the code
Debugging the code is a challenge. To help there are a number of inspection points in the code which can be turned on by parameters when running evolutions. These inspection points if turned on may just log to a file, or generate reports or charts.
Class Inspection point Description
Component bind Evaluation
Component cache Caching
Component grow Growing
Evolution anneal Annealing
Evolution annealDump Annealing
Evolution excite_max Excitation maximum value
Evolution fire_dump Test firing
Evolution generate Generation
Evolution grow Growing
Evolution optimise Optimisation
Evolution relax_max Relaxation maximum value
Evolution score Scoring
Machine cache Caching
Machine mutate Mutation
Machine score Scoring
Mutations mutate Mutation
Performance performance Performance testbed
Positions context Dumping context for an evaluation
Positions score Scoring
ReadAhead pulse Internal logic
ReadAhead trace Internal logic
ReadAhead tree Internal logic
Spider bind Internal operations of the Spider board evaluation
Value radiate Radiation
ValueSet score Scoring
ValueSetCollection commitBest Committing a relaxation
ValueSetCollection deleteLosers Deleting failed value sets
ValueSetCollection excite Excitation
ValueSetCollection exciteSpectra Dump information about values in excitation
ValueSetCollection relax Relaxation
ValueSetCollection select Choosing value sets for relaxation