The pages for website is defined in .md files, and most of the text on those pages are written in Markdown. The pages are in a source directory structure which the generated website structure follows. The source directory structure also contains image files to be used in the website (after some automated resizing and cropping).

The .md files are not pure Markdown. They contain directives which control the appearance of the pages in the website. The current set of directives are:

Directive Effect
@blurb Blurb for a page displayed on hovering over link to that page on another page
@date Sets the date for a page
@gallery Specifies a number of images to be displayed as a gallery
@icon Image not displayed on the page itself but for a link to that page
@image Image displayed centered in a large size
@inset Image displayed floated in a small size
@links Defines a number of pages to be linked to from this page
@list Defines a 2-column table where the headings are in the first column
@markdown A block of markdown to be rendered onto the page
@news A number of news items to be displayed in a blog-like format
@no_index Suppress index on a page
@php A block of PHP code to be rendered as-is on a page
@text A block of HTML code to be rendered as-is on a page
@title Set the title for a page (otherwise derived from the source filename)