The @news directive generates a pseudo blog like output based on YAML data following the directive. This is only used currently on the root page of the website. So the root file contains of the time of writing:

  @title		Peter's Pages
  - title:  Dining in the time of pandemic
    date:   February 16th 2021
    blurb:  "We haven't been able to [dine out](../../Dining_out/index.html) during the lockdowns
    so instead we've been dining in, helped by [deliveries](../../Diary/2021/dining_in.html)
    from various local places."
  - title:  New toy
    date:   February 2nd 2021
    blurb:  "We now have an Apple Macbook with Apple Silicon in it - faster but
    a bit touchy about its Internet connection at times."
  - title:  "Odyssey to Oxford"
    date:   September 28th 2020
    blurb:  "With Virginia's parents we spend [a few days](../../Diary/2020/Oxford/index.html) near Oxford."