» Daily keyboard practise
What to practise today
Similar motion staccato major scale starting on E
Similar motion melodic minor scale starting on C
Similar motion staccato harmonic minor scale starting on B flat
Right hand harmonic minor staccato scale starting on B
Similar motion staccato scale a third apart for B flat minor
Scale a sixth apart for E major
Legato scale in thirds hands separately in C
Staccato scale in sixths hands separately in C
Contrary motion B flat harmonic minor scale
Contrary motion D minor scale third apart
Contrary motion D scale sixth apart
Hands together similar motion staccato chromatic scale starting on E flat
Similar motion chromatic scale in thirds starting on E
Contrary motion chromatic scale starting on C
Right hand A flat major arpeggio second inversion
Hands together C sharp harmonic minor arpeggio
Left hand diminished seventh starting on C sharp 4 octaves
Hands together dominant seventh in the key of G 4 octaves
Staccato scale a third apart for B minor
Arpeggio in F sharp major