Avengers Series 5




Robert Day, Gordon Flemyng, John Krish, and others


Philip Levene, Brian Clemens and others


14th January 1967 to 18th November 1967


Patrick MacNee, Diana Rigg


24 episodes


Spies Comedy Fantasy

Each episode is very formulaic, there's a mysterious series of murders which John Steed and Emma Peel are called on to investigate. Everything gets wrapped up with a neat comment at the end, and order is restored. What lifts the Avengers out of the norm is firstly the quixotic (or lunatic) people and situations that the Steed / Peel duo encounter. Talented actors from the 1960s were given space in these episodes to overact. So in these episodes you will find Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing and Jon Pertwee to name but three.

There is the chemistry between Steed and Peel, the banter between them. To some extent this is TV of its period, Emma Peel isn't a helpless female (her martial arts skills are debatable) but she does end up tied up in predicaments needing Steed to rescue her rather often.

The visual style (particularly Diana Rigg's outfits) reflect the swinging sixties. It is all striking colours and brave designs, not grunge.

The Russians (played largely as buffoons) serve as opponents in many of the episodes reflecting the cold war times.