빅 / Big


South Korea


Ji Byung-Hyun, Kim Sung-Yoon


Hong Jung-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran


4th June to 24th July 2012


Gong Yoo, Lee Min-jung, Bae Suzy


16 episodes


Body swap, sham marriage


Official website Asian Wiki Korean Drama

A teacher is engaged to be married to a doctor who caused her to have an accident when she tried to retrieve a bouquet of flowers delivered to the wrong bride. An accident causes a student's soul to end up in the doctor's body. The teacher has to contend with no-one else understanding the situation and the complications that ensure.

A good farce with likeable characters, Bae Suzy (a singer turned actress) plays a forceful character inn love with the student. The ending is a little brief, not everyone liked or understood it. It's a little open to interpretation. There are some familar faces in this Hong Sisters drama like Ahn Seok-Hwan.

More than other Hong Sisters dramas "Big" is driven by the story within the story, contained in a book "Miracle" which features prominently. This both explains the story behind the story, and also presages the story being told.

There are some great scenes in "Big" (I particularly liked the school assemblies in the open air), and some wistful scenes involving minor characters like the uncle and school principal.