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Alternatives to reality
A sequence or sequences presenting what might have happened, or what might happen in the future. An interlude sequence representing the daydream of a character.

It's difficult in a visual medium to relate what a character is thinking, unlike a book. Good acting can indicate mood, but a character soliloquising to tell the audience what's on their mind is tedious and not so watchable. So an insert sequence can convey where a character is in an amusing and visibly interesting way.

Sequences showing what characters think might happen can prepare the audience for future developments, can make them uncertain as to how the story is going to unfold, can construct expectations which the drama will later confound.

The downside of these interpolated sequences is that they interrupt to some extent the immersion of the audience in the drama. They interrupt the flow of events. The sequences are like the sequences you might get in a variety show.
Year Title Instances
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Episode 2: visions of married life
Episode 5: Choon Hyang and Chae-Rin battle in the snows
Episode 9: Chon Hyang drunkeness
Episode 10: Mong Ryong in video shop
Episode 13: Mong Ryong careers
Episode 16: Choon Hyang stories
Episode 17: Courtroom scene
2005 My Girl Episode 1: Joo Yoo-rin visualises Seol Gong-chan at hotel
Episode 2: Joo Yoo-rin dreams of money shower, fake past
Episode 4: Joo Yoo-rin dreams of grandfather giving her inheritance
Episode 5: Joo Yoo-rin snooker player, French movie
Episode 6: Seol Gong-chan replays lovers scene
Episode 9: Yoo-Rin's bedroom thoughts
Episode 12: Yoo-Rin and Seol Gong-chan as siblings
2006 Couple or Trouble Episode 2: Anna overboard according to Billy
Episode 3 4: Anna and Chul Soo according to Billy
Episode 5: Pottery discovery, Chul Soo and Anna on island
Episode 7: Burial / funeral
Episode 8: Anna abroad
Episode 9: Chul Soo telling Anna they were enemies
Episode 13: Anna leavings?
2008 Hong Gil Dong  
2009 You're Beautiful  
2010 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox  
2011 The Greatest Love  
2012 Big  
2013 The Master's Sun  
2015 Warm and Cozy Episode 1: Heroine visualises hero on horse, then herself spearing cheat
Episode 4-5: Diver fantasies
Episode 8: Arm wrestling contest seen as duel
Episode 10: Heroine anticipates hero's possible replies