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Who wants gourmet food
One or more characters can have a taste for simpler food like ramen rather than posh gourmet dishes. This can serve as a bond between characters, or as establishing a character as having an aspect which is down to earth or ordinary. Acquiring said simpler food can be involved, or the preparation of it requires knowledge transfer.

Characters need to talk to convey to the viewer what the drama wants them to know. Talking heads in themselves tend to be boring, but if characters talk in the context of a meal then that gives something to occupy the eyes while the ears are occupied too.
Year Title Instances
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang  
2005 My Girl  
2006 Couple or Trouble Anna likes black bean noodles
2008 Hong Gil Dong  
2009 You're Beautiful  
2010 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox  
2011 The Greatest Love  
2012 Big  
2013 The Master's Sun