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Stand not on one's own two feet
A character has an injury to the foot or ankle, or loses a shoe, or otherwise is unable to walk properly. This can create a useful dramatic need for closeness between two characters, perhaps mean the hero and heroine are seen together in the same car creating misunderstandings. The physical contact necessary for bandaging an ankle can hint towards more intimate physical contact later.
Year Title Instances
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Episode 5: Chae-Rin uses foot injury from skiing
2005 My Girl Episode 2: Yu Joo Rin jumps out of orangery
Episode 5: Yu Joo Rin after pretending to be Kim Sae Hyun
2006 Couple or Trouble Episode 16: Anna trying to adjust back to expensive shoes
2008 Hong Gil Dong  
2009 You're Beautiful  
2010 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox  
2011 The Greatest Love  
2012 Big  
2013 The Master's Sun