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Plot devices in the Hong Sisters' dramas
The Hong Sisters (Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran) have written the following dramas to date:
Year Title English title
2005 쾌걸 춘향 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang
2005 마이걸 My Girl
2006 환상의 커플 Couple or Trouble
2008 쾌도 홍길동 Hong Gil Dong
2009 미남이시네요 You're Beautiful
2010 내 여자친구는 구미호 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
2011 최고의 사랑 The Greatest Love
2012 Big
2013 주군의 태양 The Master's Sun
2015 맨도롱 또똣 Warm and Cozy
What attracts me to the Hong Sisters' work is not the drama as a whole but the parts, the little details. I don't speak Korean, and I don't have the cultural background, so I do miss out on jokes and references that the target audience would get. But there is enough I can understand that delights me.

I like to understand how things are put together, how they are assembled. Hence this study of the plot devices the Hong Sisters employ. I would argue being removed from the target culture may be an advantage in such a study.

These plot devices are not necessarily unique or original to the Hong Sisters of course. There are also notable traits in the Hong Sisters' work, like they're prone to breaking the fourth wall with the drama making reference to itself as a drama, or one drama referring to others. For instance the cameo by the leads in "Choon Hyang" in "My Girl". This is very amusing, but in conflict with taking the drama as a whole seriously.