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Story within the story
A drama is already a story within a story. From the stories of our real lives we nest in and out of the story on the small screen. As such it feels right that the drama itself should contain other stories being told.

The story within a story can create expectations of how the drama will end which can be frustrated for emotional impact. The story within a story can also prepare the audience for the way the outer story will end, can justify the way the drama is brought to closure. This is the case with "Big", where the story within the story plays a central role.

The Hong Sisters also use the story within a story as a prop of the drama in its own right, not just as a fiction inside a fiction. Structurally this is very interesting.
Year Title Instances
2005 Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Wrapped around and comments on traditional drama
2005 My Girl  
2006 Couple or Trouble Episode 1: Little Mermaid reference on plane
2008 Hong Gil Dong  
2009 You're Beautiful  
2010 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox  
2011 The Greatest Love  
2012 Big  
2013 The Master's Sun  
2015 Warm and Cozy Blogger is writing a story about what happened 30 years ago
Episode 12: Reference to Shepherd Boy and Wolf story