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Asian dramas I've seen
The ratings are what I personally feel about these dramas, they differ from the general opinion for a number of reasons. I don't speak Korean (or Japanese) so miss out on nuances of the dialogue. I don't have the cultural background to understand references. The people who do sub-titling do a good job in trying to convey this information, but I'm still not watching the same drama as a Korean or a Japanese would.
Drama Country Year Rating Comment
Angel HeartJapan2015******* 
Arakawa Under The BridgeJapan2011***Weird and I failed to get it at all
BigSouth Korea2012*********Body swap drama by the Hong Sisters
Boys Over FlowersSouth Korea2009******Remake of Japanese drama / manga
Can You Hear My HeartSouth Korea2011*******Over the top melodrama
Cheese in the TrapSouth Korea2016******* 
City HunterSouth Korea2011******A little contrived plot-wise
Coffee PrinceSouth Korea2007*******Well brewed cross-dressing romance
Couple or TroubleSouth Korea2006**Based on "Overboard" US film - overlong
Death NoteJapan2015******** 
Detective versus DetectivesJapan2015********* 
Dream KnightSouth Korea2015*******Fantasy drama with GOT7 idol group
EntertainerSouth Korea2016****Despite Ji Sung's talents not overly entertaining
Future Diary: Another WorldJapan2012********** 
Garo: Gold StormJapan2015******** 
GhostSouth Korea2012******Makes an attempt with computer hacking
Glamorous TemptationSouth Korea2015********* 
Gokuaku GanboJapan2014*********Different story with plenty of twists and turns
Gu Family BookSouth Korea2013***Idol drama
Gunman in JoseonSouth Korea2014******Title says it all
HealerSouth Korea2014******** 
Heart to HeartSouth Korea2015*Had promise
High School Entrance ExamJapan2012********* 
High School Love OnSouth Korea2014******Not on but off
History of the SalarymanSouth Korea2012******** 
Hong Gil DongSouth Korea2008*****Heroine a doormat
I Hear Your VoiceSouth Korea2013*****Strains belief too much
I miss youSouth Korea2012*******High melodrama
I Order For YouSouth Korea2015******Very beautiful female lead
I'm Mita, Your HousekeeperJapan2011*******Somehow lost it at the end
Imaginary CatSouth Korea2015********* 
Jealousy incarnateSouth Korea2016***Inept comedy
Kill Me, Heal MeSouth Korea2015******Great soundtrack
KO One ReturnTaiwan2012******Moments of genuine fun but also cheap predictability
Lady and LiarChina2015******** 
Liar Game (2007)Japan2007**********Tremendous
Liar Game (2014)South Korea2014**********Great enriched adaptation of Japanese drama / manga
Liar Game 2Japan2009********** 
Madame AntoineSouth Korea2016********Some good writing in this
MaidsSouth Korea2014*********Artistically constructed, well acted long suffering heroine
Marriage Not DatingSouth Korea2014*****Turned out average
Master: God of NoodlesSouth Korea2016********* 
Mischievous KissJapan2013********** 
Modern FarmerSouth Korea2014****Gross toilet humour
MonsterSouth Korea2016******Too long for me
Moorim SchoolSouth Korea2016******* 
Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience StoreJapan2016********Definitely different and very funny in places - a bit male nerdish
My amazing boyfriendChina2016******* 
My GirlSouth Korea2005*******Interesting for stress on lies becoming the truth if you believe in them
My Girlfriend is a GumihoSouth Korea2010*****No acting required
My Little LoverJapan2015******** 
My Little NightmareJapan2012**********Delightful and not simplistic
My Sassy Girl Choon HyangSouth Korea2005****More variety show than drama
My Secret HotelSouth Korea2014******Didn't grip
Nine: 9 Times Time TravelSouth Korea2013****Lost the plot
No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35Japan2013******* 
Oh My GhostessSouth Korea2015*******Not always convincing but keeps going
PastaSouth Korea2010********Lead actress is magic
Power Office Girls 2013Japan2013********Fun and on the button about big companies and insanity
Pride and PrejudiceSouth Korea2014******Case dismissed
Prince's PrinceSouth Korea2015*******Odd
Protect the BossSouth Korea2011*******Spunky girl meets chaebol scenario
School 2015: Who Are You?South Korea2015******Good example of the school genre
Secret GardenSouth Korea2010*Not for me
Secret LoveSouth Korea2013********Strong chemistry between the leads, melodramatic melodrama
SharkSouth Korea2013*****Stopped swimming
She Was PrettySouth Korea2015*******Well produced but conventional
Shining InheritanceSouth Korea2009******Poor little rich girl scenario
Strange Hero Liu GexiChina2011******Too many episodes
Sweden LaundrySouth Korea2014********Quirky and unpredictable
Teddy Go!Japan2015*******Detective reincarnated in a teddy bear
The Black SwindlerJapan2006*******Centered on the male lead
The Family Is ComingSouth Korea2015*******Lots of story threads interwoven with feeling
The Greatest LoveSouth Korea2011**********Great acting and presence
The King of DramasSouth Korea2012*****Drama about making a drama
The Master's SunSouth Korea2013**********Stars deserve their stardom
The Night Watchman's DiarySouth Korea2014****Started well . . .
The Queen's ClassroomSouth Korea2013*****Remake of Japanese drama
The Suspicious HousekeeperSouth Korea2013******Remake of Japanese drama
The Village: Achiara’s SecretSouth Korea2015****** 
Trick 1Japan2000******** 
Trot LoversSouth Korea2014*****Brilliant in parts
WSouth Korea2016*********Promising
WakakozakeJapan2014******Food fixation
WantedSouth Korea2016*******Melodramatic thriller meets reality show
Warm and CozySouth Korea2015*******Warm not hot
When A Snail Falls In LoveChina2016******** 
Whirlwind Girl 2China2016******* 
Wind ChimeChina2016**********Treats magic in a magical way
Yong PalSouth Korea2015******Strong start
You're BeautifulSouth Korea2009*****Too orchestrated, too feeble heroine