Games released in 2020

The Academy: The First Riddle
The Almost Gone
Beautiful Desolation
Beyond a Steel Sky
The Blind Prophet
Bo??nihi: The K'i Codex
Carol Reed 15: Geospots
Creepy Tale
Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil
Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
Dark Room
Detective Boiled-Hard
Falcon City
The Flower Collectors
A Fold Apart
The Gateway Trilogy
The Hand of Glory
Joyfess: Episode 1 - Martin's Secret Recipe
Kentucky Route Zero: Act V
LUNA: The Shadow Dust
Mazovian Adventure
Murder by Numbers
Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe
Old Gods Rising
In Other Waters
Possession 1881
The Procession to Calvary
Reversion: Chapter 3 - The Return
Shapik: The Moon Quest
Suli: Fallen Harmony
Summit of the Wolf
The Tale of Doris and the Dragon: Episode 2
Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town