Steelheart (2014) follows young David Charleston as he seeks revenge for his father's death. He has the slight problem his father was killed by an invincible super-powerful villain who's turned Chicago into steel.

To some extent this could have been done as anime. The world of the book is one where ordinary people have gained unusual powers, a much-used device at the moment. Steelheart and its sequels deepen the experience by first exploring the powers of the Epics (those with the powers) - and their weaknesses. There is real world-building and magic system building here.

There is also exploration of what power does to people. If you had power like Steelheart does could you stay sane? All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely as the man said. And can an Epic be redeemed? This theme runs through the series.

Ignoring all that I'd just like to say this book is a well-written imaginative romp where the underdog humans take on super-villains.