December 18th 2021
Finished with Fantasian

After 200 hours plus I finish Fantasian!

November 15th 2021
Cruising to the Canaries

Our first cruise in two and a half years!

October 7th 2021
List of Apple Arcade games

Experimental list of games available on Apple Arcade.

September 18th 2021
A week in Salisbury

We see a lot in the Salisbury area.

August 7th 2021
Dr Who celebration in Aldbourne

I join Dr Who fans celebrating the making of The Daemons 50 years ago.

April 12th 2021
We visit Frinton

We have a very restful stay at Frinton for a few days.

April 10th 2021
Virginia's Coronavirus project completed!

Virginia has created a woollen throw for our lounge couch.

April 8th 2021
This website has been liquidated

This website is now being generated using Liquid templates.

April 6th 2021
A new game for want of a better word

Let's write a story is a parody of Aesop's fable about a fox and a goat where you can choose how the story goes.

March 20th 2021
Spell checking

I've corrected some spelling mistakes on my website!

March 10th 2021
Cosmetic changes

I've changed the colour scheme on my website just to see if anyone notices. A little more restrained.

March 3rd 2021
My very first Covid vaccination!

Some side effects from the pointed experience but a well run operation like many others round the country I expect.

March 1st 2021
Pages on online Go resources added

I've added some pages on Internet sites for playing and learning Go to my website.

February 23rd 2021
I win my first correspondence game on OGS!

I've started playing correspondence games of Go on OGS and it works well for me. One can play at a genteel pace and it doesn't matter if one gets interrupted by the cat or by meals or by having to sleep.

February 21st 2021
Another game developer interview

I was lucky enough to interview Renee Hyde creator of the Marcella Moon games about her next game for Mystery Manor. My other interviews.

February 20th 2021
Getting orientated with images

Eventually got around to automatically handling images from mobile phones which might be rotated for the website.

February 19th 2021
Still time to Hyde from Jekyll

Jekyll and the templating language Liquid it uses are great but I abandoned an attempt to port my website to them. Right now it would have been doing it for the sake of doing it.

February 16th 2021
Dining in the time of pandemic

We haven't been able to dine out during the lockdowns so instead we've been dining in, helped by deliveries from various local places.

February 2nd 2021
New toy

We now have an Apple Macbook with Apple Silicon in it - faster but a bit touchy about its Internet connection at times.