Saturday, 25th December 2004
Christmas decorationsChristmas decorationsWe saw the New Year in quietly in the Ipswich area. I didn't do the homework of finding out what there was to see, where exactly it was, and when it was open. Something to remember to do for any future trips.

Dunwich HeathDunwich HeathThere wasn't a lot that was open which was a bind. Happily a Pizza Hut was open for lunch and supper on the 1st itself. We went to Dunwich Heath that day - a coastal area undergoing constant erosion.

Sutton HooSutton HooOn the 2nd we went to Sutton Hoo, burial ground of the pagan kings at the dawn of Anglo-Saxon history. This was something I had wanted to see for some time. The actual burial ground is on the small size, and the barrows not imposing mounds of earth. But it was a window onto a time of change, and the exhibition did its best to bring that time alive.