Saturday, 25th December 2004

We saw the New Year in quietly in the Ipswich area. I didn't do the homework of finding out what there was to see, where exactly it was, and when it was open. Something to remember to do for any future trips.

There wasn't a lot that was open which was a bind. Happily a Pizza Hut was open for lunch and supper on the 1st itself. We went to Dunwich Heath that day - a coastal area undergoing constant erosion.

On the 2nd we went to Sutton Hoo, burial ground of the pagan kings at the dawn of Anglo-Saxon history. This was something I had wanted to see for some time. The actual burial ground is on the small size, and the barrows not imposing mounds of earth. But it was a window onto a time of change, and the exhibition did its best to bring that time alive.