Amelia arrives
Saturday, 17th February 2007


We're now a two cat household. Worried about Tabitha being lonely we got a kitten Amelia from a breeder Corcats.

Tabitha is very timid, running from novel noises and strange devices like the fan heater. Let alone some of the toys Virginia gets like the "Thing in a bag". Which is a brown bag with something that vibrates inside. Very scary. So we thought a kitten might be kinder on Tabitha's nerves.


We did feel guilty at taking Amelia away from her sister Enya and mother Evie. Perhaps one is assigning human-like emotions to cats? But from the cat magazines I read that cats have feelings of jealousy and dominance and even sympathy. Certainly cats and other pets can become part of one's family.

We weren't sure what was going to happen when Amelia arrived. We tried to tell Tabitha beforehand but her English is limited. Kitten and cat are very wary of each other. There's been a bit of hissing. Tabitha has retreated upstairs, and Amelia is occupying the lounge. We're giving them time.