Saturday, 5th September 2009

Digby's in the house. He's standing in a cosy corner of the kitchen like he doesn't mean to move, but you're conscious he's there because of the way he hums to himself. A bit loud but we'll get used to it.

He's a bit sure of himself is Digby. I'm friendly not frosty like the others he says. I'm clever with an A in Economy he says. I'm a cool dude he says.

I find Digby rather intimidating - he's given to icy stares, he's taller than I am, and he's definitely clammy to the touch. Get too in with Digby and he'll chill you to the marrow.

But we all have our ways. Digby is quite accommodating, and willing to shelve things which is nice. We all compartmentalise to some extent. We'll let Digby stay - freeze jolly good fellow.