Histon Feast Week
Saturday, 4th July 2009

Moonlit MandolinsMoonlit MandolinsMoonlit Mandolins

Histon has its Feast Week at the middle of the year. The funfair comes and squats on the village green, Virginia is amazed how much they manage to fit on quite a small area. There's a variety of events from the Feast Parade through concerts to hog roasts.

We went to a concert by the Moonlight Mandolins, an enthusiastic and competent amateur group who played on a variety of instruments including mandolins, lutes, guitars, and mandora. Had tried several times before to see (and hear) them so this was pleasant. Good to do different things, and as I listened I thought it's good to have outlets for one's energies. If I didn't have hobbies I would be a sadder person.

Choir SitChoir SitChoir Sit

One regular event in Feast Week is the Flower Festival held at the St Andrews Histon parish church. I'd like to think this is a survivor from pagan days, a translation of well dressings and Green Man ceremonies. Probably not. Anyway it gives people a chance to be creative with their displays, and a chance for others to enjoy such displays. There are refreshments to be had, on Saturday there were cream teas, and musical accompaniment too.