See The World
Friday, 25th December 2009

Tabitha And Amelia See The World is a free browser based game where the player helps our cats (Tabitha And Amelia) to see a variety of countries round the globe. The style of the game is a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) so very much simpler to the other games I've tried to do. The aim this time was to manage to complete a game for a change!

The puzzles in this game are word based, similar to those in a crossword. There isn't a plot to follow, a moral to be drawn, or a prize when and if the end is reached. There is no sound either in the game, but on each 'page' there is a scene showing one of our cats at a scenic location.

If you like doing crosswords or word puzzles, don't mind a simple presentation, then this game may be for you.