Down in Devon
Sunday, 2nd May 2010


Virginia and I had our holiday in Devon in the first week in May.

Our trusty steed (car) struggled up the steep hills, and flinched at the narrow roads, but brought us safely to the Sidholme Hotel in Sidmouth on the South Coast. it was a fun hotel, full of nooks and crannies and architectural mistakes. It had sections of oak panelling, and a majestic music room with a one-manual organ. We first had room 7 but that proved to be over the TV lounge, and also to have a continuously flushing toilet. Room 6 was next offered which had the too interesting feature of a window overlooking the entrance hall. Apparently when the hotel was a private home the lady of the house checked out the female visitors to make sure her dress didn't clash. So we settled for room 34 which was fine.

We went during what was a walking week in the hotel activities. Felt ashamed we didn't go on any of the walks, particularly as the hosts were so good. Christian Guild Holidays which runs the hotel gets people to act as hosts for each week, to organise daily activities and facilitate friendship. We had gone planning on using our National Trust membership to see stately homes in the area.