Look at the Lake District
Sunday, 11th May 2014


The cats got delivered on the Saturday to Grange Cattery in Waterbeach, to be looked after by the reliable Phyllis. There's at least a pond with fish in it for them to look at. The road there is so uneven it's like driving over the sea if the sea were frozen in a split-second of time! Saturday evening saw packing, I only took the iPad for reading currently I'm reading my way through the works of Edgar Wallace, a prolific writer of thrillers. He also did the screenplay for "King Kong". This time among other books I read his minor novelette "Planetoid 127", a rare excursion into Science Fiction for him. This had in it the idea there's a second Earth on the opposite side of the sun to us so we can't see it - an idea used later on.


A long drive on the Sunday up to the Lake District, made more miserable by the cloudbursts, seeing dead foxes along the road, seeing sheep crammed like sardines into a lorry, by miles and miles of roadworks, by being ripped off for diesel at a service station. The markup is extortionate. We reached Abbot Hall Hotel safely, after some confusion thanks to the Satnav. I would have to describe the hotel as pleasantly run-down, it has character due to its haphazard history, the staff were friendly, we shared meals with the other residents (though we did lower the average age somewhat!) It made a good base. Rooms have been recently renovated there so run-down is a little unfair. The food was pretty good though Virginia is on a dairy-free diet and felt the choice was limited to non-existent at times.