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Saturday, 8th October 2016
Our first port and first excursion! Cadiz (which the locals say more like Kar-dith, Kay-diss is the French way) has beautiful wide long beaches, one originally for women only (called beach of the women) then Victory beach which has cafes sited on the sand.

We drove in the persisting fog through Holmesian marshes to Vejer which is a white-walled town originally Moorish on top of a hill. Narrow twisty streets (for coolness), patios in the houses with plants trapped in them, cars driving around the 'streets'. We were walked around, then given time for a drink and comfort break before Roberto led us back to the coach and a trip to the historic Cape Trafalgar (sandy dunes, lighthouse which Germans have converted into a B&B, but no mention of the historic naval engagement). Very dry here but they have plenty of water thanks to rain which falls on nearby mountains.