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Wednesday, 19th October 2016
Ceuta (Th-Euta) and the worse excursion! Oddly for a Mediterranean cruise the ship didn't stop at Gibraltar instead it stopped at Ceuta which is the other side of the Straits, a Spanish enclave in Morocco.

We had a slow coach ride then got dumped in a square and told to keep ourselves busy for 40 minutes - no mention that was the last we would see of the coach which disappointed those who left bags on it. Then we were shepherded to see the walls that used to divide Ceuta from the mainland - but it was the boat ride up the southern side of Ceuta that plumbed the depths. An inaudible commentary repeated twenty times outward, and a deafening series of Spanish pop songs in the way back. When we reached the quayside no comments about make your own way to the boat, we just fled hoping that was the end of the tour!