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Friday, 9th September 2016
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We dropped off Tabs and Amelia (who hid in my cupboard as the spare room bed was shut) at Grange Cattery. This took longer than normal as there were roadworks in Waterbeach near the new housing being built on the old Army barracks there. It may be even slower next time as they're going to resurface the road to Grange Cattery - it is much needed as that track undulates beyond bumpiness. We got supplies at Tesco including a Chinese meal we enjoyed later in the garden at the holiday cottage in Ringstead.

An easy drive there, the most stress came when parking the car in front of the garage for No. 5 as I didn't see the number! The cottage was comfortable and well-appointed, a cosy lounge. We had to enter a number on a keypad to get the keys, using the keys was fiddly and the doors were a bit stiff. There was a bottle of wine left for us which we had a glass of to accompany the Chinese meal in our quiet evening in.

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A dismal start to the Saturday - the rain was heavy enough to wake me, and kept on pretty much relentlessly during the day. The bathroom mirror has a blue ghostly LCD clock in it, we couldn't find the egg cups so had to improvise tearing up an egg box!

Our first bit of tourism was the Hunstanton Sea Life aquarium where they branded us on our hands as having paid - the branding was readable the next day despite several acts of hand-washing. Sea Life wasn't that big, but a variety of stuff to see including creepy-crawlies and adorable otters. I almost lost the lens cap off my new camera and had to search for it.

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We also strayed to see an Lestrange Old Barns arts and crafts place which was hard to park at, and which was without a cafe and facilities we thought it might have. More interesting was the Village Stores across the road from our cottage which also sold old things, Virginia got a glass fruit bowl and two attractive cards there. We walked to see the Gin Trap pub to check out how far it was - an easy walk. Our meal there in the evening wasn't bad - friendly enough service and a popular place with people being turned away who hadn't booked. It got crowded later on with people in Scottish attire (but without Scottsh accents which was strange).

Ironically Sunday, the day we returned to Histon, was bright and sunny. The roads were very busy with cars and motorcycles and scooters all headed somewhere, perhaps to a fair at Sandringham.