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Wednesday, 26th July 2017
Skagen (said more like skein) is an attractive small seaside town at the tip of Denmark. It attracted a school of artists in the past, it now attracts a lot of visitors including ships like ours and cars which make for traffic jams.

Our tour headed south first for a Danish pastry at a place which had an Ent (well it looked more like a wooden troll) in a pretty stream by a bridge. And then on to Voldemort Castle sorry Voergaard Castle. Pretty setting for a stately home filled with French memorabilia of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. The last owner had a lot of paintings furniture for the antique fans to drool over, an involved history. The place paints a bad picture of a previous owner called Ingeborg Skeel got - her crime was being a single woman in an age which didn't appreciate single women. So she has been transmogrified into a witch who drowned architects and cut peasants' fingers off.

(Voergaard Castle had signs for no photographs inside but that didn't stop some in our tour group filming away because they felt justified - the human race is very good at self-justification.)

As we rushed back to the ship the coach took in the Buried Church - a very visited spot. Most of the Church was removed to use as building materials when the sand dunes covered it, and the way the remaining Church tower is presented is not as picturesque as it could be. It looks rather ordinary. Now if the sand had piled up against it . . .