Friday, 9th February 2018
The snowdrops themselvesThe snowdrops themselvesEvery year we go to see the snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey. The gardeners of the National Trust even in winter manage to create a marvellous display of textures and shades and colours and shapes in the gardens there. The snowdrops were out in force when we went, the different varieties explained in signs which we saw but didn't really read.

Border on the winter walkBorder on the winter walkThere are lots of days in a year. As humans we need to divide up the year in some way to make it less intimidating. In the past they had harvest and the equinoxes and the solstices. Now perhaps we have see the snowdrop day, and Valentine's Day, and Bank Holidays. And Black Fridays?

Virginia clad for winterVirginia clad for winterBeside the snowdrops there were other visitors out in force, coachloads of them. I began to compare them to migratory birds, and wondered how many in December would migrate to see the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

The winter walkThe winter walkWe did mean to eat at Anglesey Abbey in the airy and light cafeteria, and walked around a bit more so the time approached noon when hot food became available. However there were so many people there, and the likelihood of finding a table to eat at low, so we went elsewhere for our lunch.