Seven days in Dorset
Friday, 22nd March 2019


We left Amelia at home to be looked after by our friend Sandra rather than put her into a cattery - avoiding the problem of getting her into a carrier. She knows when we're off on holiday and is prone to hiding in accessible places like the spare room bed and a cubicle in the cat tree. Our packing didn't forget too much, just the National Trust car parking sticker which we wouldn't have used in the end. As we were only away for a week the bags fitted into the back of Virginia's Kia, we didn't use the big cases.

Virginia drove to Sainsbury's at Eddington where we got biscuits and also a Chinese meal for two. Having a Chinese meal for two the night we arrive at a holiday cottage has become a tradition for us. She carried on driving to South Mimms where we patronised Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was impressed by how organised the KFC operation was, from ordering on touch screens to the way the staff packaged everything. Like sportsmen on top of their game. The meal deals we got proved to be too generous, we didn't do the Chinese meal justice later. I did the rest of the driving, suffering congestion on the M25, and a crawl through Salisbury, but an easy drive apart from that.


A little fun as usual finding Ruth's cottage in Charminster. On a good day the Satnav gets you within a hundred yards or so of the target destination. Charminster however is a very pretty village, of hilly streets without pavements, but confusing to the visitor. Finding 1 East Hill wasn't clear at first. We found Ruth's in the end, entered by a tensely narrow gate by Bridge House which belongs to the owners. Bridge House is by a bridge over an enchanting stream running swiftly along, the other side is a picturesque traditional Church.

Ruth's was fine, the owners had left us Dorset apple cake, and Dorset ginger biscuits, and Dorset tea. There was also a bottle of wine so we had a glass with the Chinese meal. The staircase is in the well appointed kitchen, the shower unit vacillates between hot and cold in use, the key in the front door is reluctant at times. It is a blind entrance, you can't see traffic coming when you drive out.