O Christmas tree
Sunday, 6th December 2020

IMG 1779IMG 1779IMG 1779

We went and got a Norwegian Christmas tree from the Oakington Garden Centre on Tuesday the 1st of December. Didn't realise how prickly a customer this tree was until we we putting it up in our lounge. Once again I admired the simple and effective technology used to wrap the Christmas tree in a mesh for transport. We've been having natural trees for a while because of concerns of cats licking and eating artifical trees (as pretty as I find fibre optic trees and how reusable they are).

The poor tree was out in the cold garage (and it snowed on the Friday) until Sunday when we brought it into the house, and installed it at the lounge front window. Putting ornaments onto it was a little tricky - one could hardly wear gloves yet the prickly foliage made its presence felt.

We also decorated the lounge (red wool up to hang the cards on, tinsel draped over the grandmother clock which hasn't worked for a while and bookcases and other places). Also wove gold beading down the staircase bannister rail - my mother didn't appreciate this when she was here one Christmas.